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Kathryn Corrick

Kathryn Corrick is a freelance digital media consultant and strategist with over ten years experience in digital media. She combines her knowledge of online publishing, advertising, event management and PR with an understanding of trends, business and technology development. As a consultant her clients have included McCann Erickson,, the London Development Agency and New Media Age as well as social enterprises and start-ups like HorsesMouth.

Kathryn is a visiting lecturer for the University of Westminster, on the International Committee of the Online News Association and is a member of Women in Journalism. Previously Kathryn was online manager of the New Statesman magazine. Kathryn has a keen interest in the power of new technologies give to people and organisations to make a difference and has been a supporter of the fair trade movement for as long as she can remember. She has two degrees in theology. Visit Kathryn's website at

Other judges

Andy Jackson, Christian Aid
Andy Jackson has been Editor of the website since 2003, and has been involved with dozens of different websites since the mid 90's. Andy is journalist who has worked on the Reading Chronicle newspaper, Reform magazine, the magazine of the United Reformed Church, the Methodist Recorder newspaper, as well as a number of trade and consumer magazines and websites. Working part-time for Christian Aid, Andy also works for Hawker Publications and Events, a specialist magazine publisher and event organiser, and BIS, a trade association of suppliers to the bridal retailer sector.

Paul Handley, Managing Editor, The Church Times
Paul Handley has been editor of the Church Times since 1995. Before that he was press secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Before that he worked for the Church Times and the Church of England Newspaper. He has written occasional columns for the Guardian Online, The Independent, and the Yorkshire Post, and is a trustee of the Sandford St Martin media awards.

Sarah Doyle, Website Editor, The Church Times
Sarah has worked at the Church Times for nine years, and has been its website editor for the last six. Prior to this she worked as a reporter on a range of trade titles, including Television Week, Broadcast, Media Week and Macworld. She has two little girls and lives in a pub.
Visit the Church Times website

Paul Sillars, Managing Director, So Internet/Christian Technology
Paul Sillars is the Managing Director of So Internet Ltd, the company behind Christian Technology. With over 11 years of experience in web hosting and network services, Paul continues to have a strong day-to-day involvement in new technology support and the day to running of their server farm consisting of over 150 servers. Paul and his wife Anne have spearheaded a campaign called Innocence and Integrity,, and have appeared on several TV and radio shows discussing the subject of safe internet use and protection available for families.
Visit Christian Technology's website

Simon Barrow and Jonathan Bartley, Ekklesia
Simon Barrow, Co-Director, Ekklesia, is a theologian, writer, commentator, consultant, educator and trainer. He contributes regularly to the Guardian's Comment-is-Free, to Third Way magazine, to OpenDemocracy and a number of other media outlets.

Jonathan Bartley, Co-Director, Ekklesia, is a regular writer, public speaker and commentator on television and radio. In particular he was a contributor to BBC Radio 4's 'Thought for the Day' and is a columnist for the Church Times and the Guardian's Comment is Free. He is also currently appearing on BBC1's 'The Big Questions' and has been a regular panellist on ITV's discussion programme 'The Moral of the Story'

Bianca Parry, Christian Aid
Bianca is the Churches Youth Manager at Christian Aid. Along with her colleagues she attempts to get young people in churches fired up about challenging the systems that keep people living in poverty. She has a musical husband, an energetic two-year old son, and another one due in August. A Croydon-girl (and proud!), she attends New Life Christian Centre in Croydon where she is constantly encouraged by the enthusiasm and commitment of its young people. In her spare time she likes ‘doing art’ and has an unhealthy appetite for home-interiors magazines and cheese.

Catherine Kelliher
, Christian Aid
Catherine is the Deputy Website Editor of Christian Aid's corporate website, Catherine has worked on Christian Aid's main website since 2001 and with the organisation since 1997. She is an expert at distilling content from numerous sources inside and outside of Christian Aid, editing and publishing it using either raw HTML or bespoke content management systems. Catherine was responsible for Christian Aid's online response to the 2005 Tsunami which added millions raised for its post-tsunami work.

Dave Walker,
Dave Walker is a freelance cartoonist and web editor. He runs and a number of other websites, most of them blog or cartoon-based . His 'Dave Walker Guide to the Church' cartoon series appears in the Church Times every week and he writes a daily blog on the Church Times site. In 2008 he was 'Cartoonist in Residence' at the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury.

Anne Marie Scott, Web Producer, Christian Aid

Anne Marie is one of three managers in charge of Christian Aid's digital output. Anne Marie is responsible for combining the work of Christian Aid's editorial unit, website unit, photo unit and video unit, as well as helping to create concepts for digital output and oversee ongoing production from units such as the media unit and campaigns unit. Previously, Anne Marie worked for the Cabinet Office.

Simon Wilcox, Nations Editor, Christian Aid

Simon edits the content on Christian Aid's Scottish, Welsh and Irish websites. Simon has been a journalist for more than 15 years, working for newspapers and magazines in the UK and overseas. He has also worked for the BBC as a radio reporter.

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