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About is a community website from Christian Aid. It started life as
back in 2001, and for many years was a fundraising internet sevrice provider.

Surefish is a magazine-style website aimed at an ethically-minded and Christian audience. While some may say that Christians, because of their faith, are ethically minded, Surefish offers an alternative look at matters of faith and ethiocal living. How else would you know that you could buy a Valentine's Day gift of a heart-shaped box made from elephant dung?!

Surefish is not the official Christian Aid website, even though it is one of Christian Aid's family of websites, nor is it completely off the wall, like some other Christian websites.


Surefish offers a broad range of news, features and opinions, as well as competitions, discussion forums and ways to make money for Christian Aid. The website currently offers:

The latest headlines from the UK, the world, the worlds of sport and from religious sources. There is also on occasional series about the work of Christian Aid's partners, as well as links to weather news.
Ethical Living
Articles about ethical lifestyles andn products, such as how to make your own presents, what make up and beauty products don't damage the planet, the ethical bedroom and how to make your garden eco-friendly.
The latest campaign actions and information from Christian Aid's superb campaigns team. Go on, write to Gordon Brown!
This section contains daily Bible readings along with related actions, reflections and prayers, resources for worship and groups, and features about faith issues, such as Philip Purser Hallard on the 11rth Doctor Who, and Steve Tomkins on the atheist bus poster campaign and how Christians will cope in the credit crunch. .
Film reviews, DVD reviews (with all of the extras and commentaries), the best new Christian music, the best online games, films reviews, church cartoons and the chance to buy tickets to the best gigs and concerts and raise money for Christian Aid at the same time.
This is the area for competitions, Trivikou, our exclusive combination of Sudoku and general knowledge, articles from foreign correpondents, Christian dating, charity fundraising on eBay and of course the very notable discussion forums.

Surefish has a monthly email which gets sent out to thousands of people with a round-up of the highlights on the website in the last few weeks. To get your copy, visit the home page of Surefish and enter your email address into the sign-up box. It will only be used for that purpose and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Facebook group
Surefish also has a facebook group, which can be found here


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