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Date: 21 September, 2006



'Surefish raises more than £100,000 a year for Christian Aid's work around the world.'

Welcome to, the internet service provider from Christian Aid.

By switching to our service, you are putting your faith into action. Together, our small steps can make a big difference in overcoming global poverty and injustice

By using our email services as well as the ability to publish websites, and with special offers with companies such as and, surefish raises more than £100,000 a year for Christian Aid's work around the world.

Surefish offers three types of internet access: pay-as-you-go, where users dial our dedicated 0845 telephone number to go online and just pay for the cost of the call; flat-rate access, where users pay a monthly fee and have unlimited internet access; and broadband, which is up to forty times faster than standard dial-up access. also offers a huge amount of content, including news headlines from The Guardian and Reuters, articles about faith, campaigning and ethical living features, culture-based features about the arts, films, books and DVDs, the latest church resources and how to use them, daily readings and prayers, columns from national and international correspondents and much more.

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