The Falklands War - 25 years on
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Date: 14 June , 2007

Christ Church Cathedral and Whale Bone Arch, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands


'300 - the distance in miles between the coast of Argentina and that of the Falklands.'

25 years ago today, June 14, 1982, the war over the Falklands Islands between Britain and Argentina ended. Andrew Chapman explores the facts and figures

3 - the number of countries which have had sovereignty of the islands other than Britain, namely France (1764-67), Spain (1767-1811) and Argentina (1826-33).

17 - the number of newspaper reporters who sailed with the Navy task force to the conflict.

19 - on the 19 March, 1982, the Falklands War broke out when Argentina occupied first South Georgia and then the Falkland Islands (on 2 April), both British territories. War was never officially declared.

25 - it's now 25 years since the war began and ended; Argentina claims sovereignty to this day. Since then, British forces have fought in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Serbia and Afghanistan.

42 - both sides used Type 42 destroyers in the naval battle, which were built by the British (who lost Type 42s HMS Sheffield and HMS Coventry in the conflict).

50 - the number of Argentine soldiers who landed on South Georgia and raised their flag.

74 - the conflict lasted for a total of 74 days.

114 - the number of British prisoners of war taken by the invaders, including British civil servants.

185 - the length in metres of the General Belgrano, the 1938-built Argentine Navy cruiser sunk by the British on 2 May, killing 323 men; the remaining 770 were rescued.

258 - the number of British people who died in the conflict (255 soldiers and three islanders).

300 - the distance in miles between the coast of Argentina and that of the Falklands.

315 - the speed in metres per second that an Exocet missile travels at; these were used heavily by the Argentine forces.

458 - XZ458 was the serial number of one of two British Sea Harrier planes (the other was XZ491) that Argentina claimed to have shot down, still disputed by Britain.

649 - the number of Argentinians who died in the conflict.

776 - the estimated number of islands comprising the Falklands archipelago. The two main ones are East and West Falkland, and the capital Port Stanley is on the former.

1621 - the total number of combatants in the Battle of Goose Green (37% of them British), where the British eventually prevailed.

2082 - the year when all classified government files about the war are expected to become available.

2778 - the number of millions of pounds that the war cost Britain.

8000 - the distance in nautical miles travelled by the British bombing parties, a return journey of 16 hours.

8901 - the name of the Naval Party summoned by Falklands governor Sir Rex Hunt to discuss how the islands should be defended. He memorably commented: "sounds like the b*ggers mean it".

11,313 - the number of Argentinians taken prisoner as a consequence of the conflict.

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