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Greenbelt 2008
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Climate change and poverty
Lev Eakins listens to Andrew Pendleton from Christian Aid talk about why the organisation is campaigning about climate change

Gradually becoming a Duke
George Luke talks to the dynamic, musically ambitious and charmingly eccentric Duke Special

As seen on the radio
Suzanne Elvidge catches up with Matt Harvey, a regular voice on BBC Radio Four

Greenbelt Blog - Day 3
Philip Purser-Hallard, surefish's Greenbelt blogger, believes that Greenbelt places Christianity into the context of everyday life

It really is rocket science
Suzanne Elvidge talks to scientist and newly published author Simon Morden

The Sunday Communion
Lev Eakins enjoyed Greenbelt’s Sunday Morning Communion Service

Great Big Hymn Sing
The results of the Surefish Great Big Hymn Sing

Greenbelt Blog - Day 2
Philip Purser-Hallard, surefish's Greenbelt blogger, has had a really nice day at the festival

My aunt was a nun
George Luke interviews Kanda Bongo Man

Was it worship?
Lev Eakins went to a stunning and provocative worship session at Greenbelt that left him dazed and confused. He shares his thoughts and those of others who attended

From the bar to the book
Suzanne Elvidge talks to former lawyer and monk, and now bestselling author, Andrew Nugent

Greenbelt Blog - Day 1
Philip Purser-Hallard, surefish's Greenbelt blogger, feels like he's never been away
What's new on site
Lev Eakins looks at what's new and improved at this year's festival
Jesus was a liar
Read an extract of a talk given by Christian Aid's Inter Faith Manager Nigel Varndell
Photos from GB07
All those with cameras can upload their pictures of the festival to the Flickr website. Look at their photos here
Talk talk
Former dc Talk singer and poet Kevin Max was asked by George Luke what he would be doing at Greenbelt
What's on in Cheltenham
George Luke looks ahead to what's on offer at Greenbelt 2007

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