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Date: August, 2006


‘The service was also cited by Dan as he described the period of silence during the service as the most “intimate and poignant” moment in worship he’s ever experienced.’

Lev Eakins asks Greenbelt first timers about what they think of it so far

Greenbelt’s population has been boosted this year by the large number of new faces arriving for their first sumptuous taste of Greenbelt (GB) action.

I hunted down four of them, Debbie, Dan, Marek and Liz, and on Sunday afternoon I quizzed them on their experience so far.

Why Greenbelt?

I started by asking Debbie and Dan why they came to GB this year. Dan, a recent convert to the Christian faith, sees his first visit to GB as part of his ‘spiritual quest’ to discover more about his faith.

He researched the festival online when his wife Debbie, following a prompt from a friend suggested going. Both seem very pleased with their decision, especially as Dan, a recent convert to the faith, is eager to continue his spiritual quest. Welcome to the family guys!

Marek and Liz were too curious to stay away this year, having heard glowing reports from friends and Christian Connections. Marek wanted to meet new people and make new friends, and Liz needed some downtime with fellow Christians. Both enthuse at how reality has exceeded expectations and seem very glad to be here.

Best moment so far?

I ask all four for their best moments so far. Debbie had a Greenbelt “moment” of total peace and contentment after the Sanctus1 service on Saturday night where she was exploring the festival theme of redemption.

This service was also cited by Dan as he described the period of silence during the service as the most “intimate and poignant” moment in worship he’s ever experienced.

Marek’s best moments were the tranquillity of Soul Space as an oasis of sacred peace, and the ‘Beer and Hymns’ session at the Beer tent where he was thrilled to witness even the staff joining in boisterous hymns of old.

Liz was also impressed with this session, but her greatest moment was at the Sunday morning service where she enjoyed a moment of total fellowship and communion when breaking bread with Marek.

Summing up

Dan heaped praise on the festival organisers for their diligent work in giving the festival enough space to breathe, yet keeping everything tight enough to run smoothly. Both he and Debbie kept repeating how inclusive they found the festival, and how comprehensive the content is with art, message and action of all thumping good quality.

Marek and Liz were also impressed with how diverse and unthreatening GB is, so much so that they feel that they could invite anyone outside the faith to GB without fear of scaring them off.

Most impressively all four told me how proud they felt to be Christians at GB.

Needless to say Greenbelt has made four new friends who would love to come again!

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