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An A-Z of Saints: XY&Z
Andrew Chapman concludes our series about Saints
An A-Z of Saints: W
Andrew Chapman look at the life and work of St Winifred and discovers that being beheaded isn't always fatal
Saint An A-Z of Saints: V
Andrew Chapman gets twitchy about the dancing association with St Vitus
Saint An A-Z of Saints: U
Andrew Chapman looks at how a legend grew from only ten lines of text
Saint An A-Z of Saints: T
"Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?" Andrew Chapman explores the life of one of our most famous saints
Saint An A-Z of Saints: S
Andrew Chapman explores the life and legends of a saint particularly dear to the British
Saint An A-Z of Saints: R
Andrew Chapman recounts the story of a saint rescued by man's best friend
Saint An A-Z of Saints: Q
Andrew Chapman's quest takes him to a quintet of Quirini
An A-Z of Saints: P
Andrew Chapman writes about a saint who represented both sides in the war between religion and science
St. Oswald An A-Z of Saints: O
Andrew Chapman looks at the life of a saint who was also a king
Fish An A-Z of Saints: N
Andrew Chapman continues the series with St Neot 'the pygmy saint' and patron saint of fish
Saint Michael An A-Z of Saints: M
St Michael is distinctive as a saint for being an archangel rather than a human
Saint Lucy An A-Z of Saints: L
St Lucy is the only saint celebrated by Lutherans in Scandinavia. Here is her story
Saint An A-Z of Saints: K
Saint Kilian offers the tantalising prospect of being patron saint of gout, rheumatism and whitewashers.
Saint An A-Z of Saints: J
Our saint for 'J' takes us inward, to a life of contemplation - though his life was not without its dramatic moments
Saint An A-Z of Saints: I
Among the few well-remembered 'I' saints, one formidable character stands out: Inigo Lopez de Loyola, better known as Ignatius, and founder of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits
Saint An A-Z of Saints: H
Flavia Iulia Helena was born in the middle of the third century and is believed to have been of low birth: one account says she was 'a common woman not different from strumpets'
An A-Z of Saints: G
G is for St George, the Patron Saint of England ... and Canada, Georgia, Greece Malta and Palestine to name a few
An A-Z of Saints: F
At the age of 20, Francis of Assisi joined his townsmen in fighting the people of Perugia and although his side was victorious, he was taken captive and held at Perugia for a year
Saint An A-Z of Saints: E
Edmund the Martyr was a king of East Anglia, succeeding to the throne when he was still a teenager. The story tells that he landed at Hunstanton in 855 to claim the kingdom
An A-Z of Saints: C & D
Cosmas and Damian. There wouldn't normally be 'two saints for the price of one', but Cosmas (or Cosmus) and Damian go inextricably together. The twin brothers, born in Arabia, were both doctors and famed for their healing in Cilicia (now Turkey)
saint An A-Z of Saints: B
Our series continues with B for Saint Brigid of Ireland, also known as St Bride or St Bridget, or indeed Mary of the Gael

An A-Z of Saints: A
We begin our new A to Z series, rather predictably, with "A", which is for Saint Aldhelm. Find out more with Andrew Chapman

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