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Newumbe Topister, Ugandan coffee farmer. Photo: Christian Aid/Roger Allens

'The fact that Act Justly is really well laid out makes preparation fast and easy. The inclusion of ideas for worship, study and discussion means that there is a sense of continuity and focus for the meetings. We found that it provoked a lot of thought and, more importantly, changed people's thinking and action.'
Chris Thackery, Westbourne Grove Church, London, Salt and Light


Act Justly 2 is a second set of sessions for small groups that explore how God calls us to live in an unjust world.

Act Justly update 13 - NEW

It looks at issues linked with MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY like HIV/AIDS, debt and trade, and is a sequel to the very popular Act Justly.

It follows a format familiar to cell groups – Introduction, Worship, Word and Our response – and can be used in any small group of Christians. The foreword is written by Dr. Tom (NT) Wright.

Please note that the sessions are presented as printable PDF format files.

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Click to download individual sessions:

1: Faith and action (107kb)
2: Serving Jesus (106kb)
3: Cancelling debt (107kb)
4: Shopping ethically
5: Trade justice
6: Living to please God

Or click below for the whole booklet in one document:

Act Justly 2 (775kb) - including foreword by Dr Tom Wright and sessions 1-6.

Buy printed booklets

If you would like multiple copies of Act Justly 2 for your cell or small group, printed versions are available from Christian Aid in packs of 4 booklets for £5/€8. Click here to download the Act Justly order form or phone 020 7523 2225.

You can also download the original Act Justly booklet and subsequent sessions (Act Justly updates)

Act Justly update 1
Act Justly update 2
Act Justly update 3
Act Justly update 4
Act Justly update 5
Act Justly update 6

Act Justly update 7
Act Justly update 8

Act Justly update 9
Act Justly update 10
Act Justly update 11
Act Justly update 12
Act Justly update 13 - NEW

Endorsements for Act Justly 2

Act Justly is just what concerned Christians need to develop their capacity to act in a just manner. This is a resource that will enable Christians to explore the biblical mandate to change the world that is, into the world that ought to be. For Christians who want to understand the biblical mandate for social activism, this book is invaluable.’
Tony Campolo, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, Sociology, Eastern University

‘How on earth can we respond to the huge injustices that surround us? How can we protect ourselves from being overwhelmed on the one hand and cynical or judgemental on the other? Well, help is indeed at hand and Act Justly is part of it. It is practical, inclusive, constructive and creative – just what I need!’
Gerald Coates, leader of the ‘Pioneer’ network of churches

‘Jesus called us to be salt and light, and in that same paragraph he said that people should see our good works and, because of them, give glory to God our father. This workbook outlines exactly what some of those good works should be. As we implement these suggestions may it be to the glory of God.’
Lynn Green, International Chairman, Youth with a Mission (YWAM)

Act Justly introduction

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