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Newumbe Topister, Ugandan coffee farmer.
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'The hallmark of authentic Christianity must always be an intimacy with God which results in involvement with others. At core our faith is about loving God and actively demonstrating his love, justice and generosity to a watching world. Act Justly provides thought-provoking and well presented resources to help local churches and small groups explore creative ways to do just that.'
Steve Chalke MBE- Founder Oasis Global and Faithworks


Welcome to Act Justly - resources for churches and small groups that explore how God calls us to live in an unjust world.

The Act Justly resources, and optional accompanying appeal, are full of ideas for tackling poverty and challenging its root causes. What does it mean to follow Micah’s call to ‘act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God’ in the 21st Century? The Act Justly resources will help your church respond to the issue of global injustice, providing information, inspiration and a wealth of ideas for action.


Most of the Act Justly resources are available to download free on surefish – just click on the links below to find out more and print out your own copy.

Resources are presented as printable PDF format files.

Click here for more information on downloading PDF files

Act Justly resources for cells/small groups include the new Act Justly 2 booklet, the popular original Act Justly booklet and subsequent Act Justly updates. Each of the sessions includes Bible study, worship ideas and background information on the issues, with suggestions for action to take. They are set out in a cell group style but can be used in any small group.

Video clip Malcolm Duncan, the leader of the Christian activist movement Faithworks, says the world's poorest are at risk unless the UK government lives up to the promises it made to Make Poverty History campaigners last year.

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