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Date: 03 April, 2007



'Wrapping the eggs in onion skins gives a lovely marbled effect.'

Of course there is more to Easter than eggs but the giving and receiving of eggs has become a large part of the festival. Suzanne Elvidge gets eggs-cited about Easter

Buying chocolate eggs

The simplest alternative to the mainstream eggs is to buy fair trade Easter eggs. The aptly named A Lot of Chocolate website has fair trade and organic Easter eggs available on line, as does WWF, along with things cute and fluffy.

Don’t forget your dairy-free, gluten-free and diabetic friends and family.

Decorated eggs for breakfast

When I was a kid, we always had boiled eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday. We would decorate these by writing names and drawing pictures on them with wax crayons and candle wax, and then boiling them in water tinted with food colouring. You can also dye eggs using natural dyes, from pink (cranberries or raspberries) to brown (strong brewed coffee). Wrapping the eggs in onion skins gives a lovely marbled effect. If you boil the eggs, crack the shells and then colour them, you can marble the white of the egg.

If you want your fantastic designs to last, decorate blown eggs. These can have swirls, marbling and stripes.

You can freeze the insides of the eggs, or make an omelette, egg custard or quiche.

Making Easter eggs

Making your own chocolate is probably a bit complex, but making your own Easter eggs isn’t too hard. You can make solid or hollow eggs. Decorate your egg and you’re done.

You can also make filled chocolate caramel eggs and fruit and nut eggs.

Other Easter recipes

Chocolate has become a key part of Easter. As an alternative to eggs, make date and chocolate flapjacks or Easter nests (vegan or not. And of course there are the traditional hot cross buns. Don’t forget to use Fairtrade and local ingredients where you can.


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