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Date: 17 November, 2004

Word Stalk


'I've been playing this for the last month as my default displacement activity.'


Improve your vocabulary and your typing skills in the riveting confines of your lunch hour. You know it makes more sense than that a burger.

Steve Tilley has some word games for November.

Some games require your browser to have a 'plug in' for Shockwave. You can download this for free here here

If you are a parent, we advise you to try the game and the site it's on first before letting your kids play them, to make sure you're happy. (And, don't forget, you can also find great games for kids in our own Global Gang area).

To play a game, simply click on its name.

Link letters to make words and watch those tiles disappear. Make too many short words and flaming tiles start to burn your library down.

Find words in the shuffled letters and if the first letter of that word is in a hidden phrase it is revealed. Guess the hidden phrase to move up a level.

Fowlwords 2
Hens lay eggs. They have words on them. Type the words as fast as you can to progress. Fail and the eggs crack. Bonus round has anagrams to solve. Six demo levels..

Spiderman 2 - Web of Words
Make words while Spidey climbs. Run out of words and his evil enemy gets him.

Text Twist
A set of six letters appears and you have to make words from them. Find the six letter anagram (annoyingly difficult sometimes) to proceed to next level. Increase your lexical speed. I've been playing this for the last month as my default displacement activity.

Word Descrambler
Play solo or against the mighty Eugene to do anagrams and memory games. Watch out for that Yankee spelling though.

Clear the board by spelling out words. The longer the word the more points you get. How's your vowel dropper, tile zapper and cherry bomb?

Word Shark
Here's a test of your typing speed. Sharks and piranhas come towards you and all you have to do to stop them is type the word printed on their side. If only life was so easy we'd all be underwater in seconds.

Word Stalk
Make words from the letters and climb the beanstalk. Watch for various bonuses and don't wake the giant. Or something.

Word Up
Make words using a grid covered in letters. Untimed, strategy version is available as a demo but other, more demanding games can be downloaded along with the option to enter your score on a worldwide high-score list.

Other games

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