Saving the world
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Date: 22 July, 2004

Caught in the Act.
'Slam-dunk the trash into the correct hoop to score points. The stuff keeps coming, faster and faster.'

Steve Couch passes the review baton to Steve Tilley who gets distracted at the first hurdle and mixes his athletic metaphors. Hmmm. Are all Steves nerdy wasters? Discuss.

Anyway July is a really good month to save the world so check out these recycling and species-saving opportunities. All these are ideal for teaching children:

Some games require your browser to have a 'plug in' for Shockwave. You can download this for free here here

If you are a parent, we advise you to try the game and the site it's on first before letting your kids play them, to make sure you're happy. (And, don't forget, you can also find great games for kids in our own Global Gang area).

To play a game, simply click on its name.

Younger children

Extinction is forever. Click, drag and rotate the pieces. Remember the punch-line.

The old matching pairs game. Click to turn over a card then find its partner. How few clicks can you do it in?

Recycling bottles
Click and drag the bottles into the correct recycling bank (did you know blue bottles went in the green bin?), throw away what can't be recycled and remember to put your milk bottle on the cart.

Slide Puzzle
Click and slide to put the scrambled pygmy marmoset (the world's smallest monkey) back together again and then read about it. Reduce the number of clicks to a minimum then go on to level 2.

Older children

Put into operation a load of waste management programmes to turn Dumptown into Recycle City. Watch you don't go over budget though. Squash those cans. More educational than fun.

Caught in the Act
General knowledge game about endangered species. Where are they being smuggled to and how are they doing it?


Sorting the trash
Slam-dunk the trash into the correct hoop to score points. The stuff keeps coming, faster and faster.

Play checkers against a dog called Ozone who won't finish you off but bores you to death. If anyone out there knows about 'huffing' then you can't do it in this version.

Teens and older

Go Fish Go
Get the fish across the road to the lake without spilling water. Replenish water in the puddles, avoid manholes and traffic, jump over things. The usual. All ages this one and only a very fragile link to worthwhile green issues.

River Scramble
Loads of junk in the river spoiling your swim. Luckily you can move left and right like a dolphin at tea-time. Dodge that rubbish.

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