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Date: 11 June, 2004

pharaoh game

Collect the gold, avoid the monsters and get out alive from the Pharaoh's Tomb.
'The situation is desperate - a gang of ants is making off with the contents of your fridge. How long can you hold them off, armed only with your grapefruit cannon and your raison machine-gun?'

Another diverse selection of games for June as chosen by Steve Couch. All are available to play online for free, without any need to register with the host sites.

Some games require your browser to have a 'plug in' for Shockwave. You can download this for free here here

If you are a parent, we advise you to try the game and the site it's on first before letting your kids play them, to make sure you're happy. (And, don't forget, you can also find great games for kids in our own Global Gang area).

To play a game, simply click on its name.

Pharaoh's Tomb
Collect the treasure and avoid the various guardians of the tomb in this scrolling puzzle game. Good game play, different ability settings and plenty of tomb to explore. The guards get more varied and tougher as you delve deeper into the complex of rooms. Compelling and enjoyable, this one will need more than just a few minutes of spare time. Excellent.

Da Numba
Quickly find the combinations to make the target number. Score bonus points by clearing the screen. You could claim it was educational, but it probably isn't! Enjoyable though.

Fleagbag vs Mutt
Ahh, the conflict that is as old as the animal kingdom (well, the cartoon one anyway). Cat versus dog in a battle of throwing things over the fence at one another. Take the wind into account, judge how much power to allow and wham - land a well aimed missile on your opponents head. Play versus the computer or a real human opponent. The game play isn't overly sophisticated, but there are plenty of satisfying touches with the graphics, not to mention some cunning special moves.

Moon Star
A curious game of matching falling shapes, that manages to be more than a Tetris clone. Harder to master than a lot of games in the 'not Tetris' class, and satisfying. Worth a look.

Attack of the Giant Mutant Science Frogs
This one takes a lot of loading, but there are some great graphics. During the summer holidays, all the frogs from the school science block have got loose, drinking a chemical formula that mutates them into deadly opponents. Your only weapon is a peashooter and wads of paper soaked in the antidote - get the giant frogs and turn them back to normal before they get you.

Fridge Raiders
The situation is desperate - a gang of ants is making off with the contents of your fridge. How long can you hold them off, armed only with your grapefruit cannon and your raison machine-gun? Ants move at varying speeds depending on, among other things, the size of the food they are carrying. Score points by knocking the ants off and saving your food. Good fun.

Surf's Up
Online surf simulator with nice graphics. Score points by leaping, spinning and performing other tricks without getting wiped out. You need to get a lot of points to progress to the next level, so this is one that may take a lot of effort to really crack - or maybe that's just me. Gnarly dude, as Oscar Wilde would doubtless have said.

Roll the dice and fill in your score sheet. Avoid scoring any zeros and pick up all the bonuses by filling all the spaces. Another game that takes more than just five minutes, but there is a lot more strategy to this than it may seem to beginners.

An online classic, burst the bubbles by matching groups of three or more before they reach the bottom of the screen. There are lots of versions of this around, but this is one of the best.

Magical Kicks
With Euro 2004 upon us, here's a free kick simulation game from the website of Italian legend Roberto Baggio. The controls strike a good balance between complexity and playability, and the divine ponytail himself passes comment on each attempt. This is good, but doesn't explain how he managed to miss his crucial penalty in the 1994 World Cup Final shoot out. Probably best not to ask.

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