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Date: 5 December, 2003

Xmas tree game

The Christmas Tree Game
'Fat old Santa falls over while ho ho ho-ing, and next thing you know he's buttboarding across the snow and ice, collecting presents as he goes.'

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Adventure Elf
Oliver the Elf saves Christmas by retrieving the presents that the evil penguins have stolen. A very playable scrolling platform game. Good sound effects and music add to the Christmassy feel.

Santa Goes Buttboarding 3D
Fat old Santa falls over while ho ho ho-ing, and next thing you know he's buttboarding across the snow and ice, collecting presents as he goes. It's a race against the clock, to collect all the presents and score bonus points for spectacular jumps and tumbles. Personally I often find that 3D versions of 2D games can be a disappointment, but this is an improvement on the original.

Super Sled Racing
Carrying on the theme of slidy Santas, this game features Santa trying to pick up all the ingredients of a great Christmas as he slides along. Santa also does a celebratory dance when you complete each level, which is somehow quite satisfying.

That's My Elf
Catch the presents as they fall out of the sky. A simple game of fast reactions, but harder than it looks. Different coloured presents fall at different rates, making it difficult to settle into a rhythm. Nicely done.

Flight of the Season
How many presents can you deliver before time runs out? Again, this isn't as easy as it sounds, as the ground lurches and judders as you fly past at high speed. Co-ordination of mouse and eye are the key to this deceptively simple game.

Rudolph's Nosejob
Another present delivery game, but with a very different feel. Rudolf refuses to fly this year, and by way of a compromise, Santa agrees to let him pilot the sleigh instead. Follow the laser guidence system to deliver each present to the correct house before time runs out. The sleigh is guided by the mouse, but sensitive steering means that your early attempts are likely to spend a lot of time crashing into houses. Good fun, and one of the best Christmas games around this year.

Santa Balls 2
A simple game of swapping coloured balls to make lines of three or more, but with plenty of Christmas related touches, and an enthusiastic Elf to cheer you on.

Light the Star
Climb the Christmas tree to put the star on the top, repairing broken lights as you go. Then get back down to the ground before time runs out to switch everything on. But watch out, an assortment of objects are being thrown at you as you make your way through the branches - take care not to get knocked off.

The Christmas Tree Game
A simple puzzle game - place different coloured lights onto the tree, and work out which ones are in the right place.

A snowfight with a difference. As skaters glide elegantly across the ice, you roll colossal balls of snow at them. See how many you can knock over before you run out of time. If you are really good, you can take multiple skaters out with a single ball. Very satisfying, and easy to play.