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Date: June 2003


A transport-themed selection of games for June as chosen by Steve Couch. All are available to play online for free, without any need to register with the host sites.

Some games require your browser to have a ‘plug in’ for Shockwave. You can download this for free here

We’ve selected games that we judge are also OK for the children we know, but if you are a parent, please don’t take our word for it - standards vary! We advise you to try the game and the site it’s on first before letting your kids loose on it, to make sure you’re happy. (And, don’t forget, you can also find three great games for kids in our own Global Gang area).

To play a game, simply click on its name.

Trial Bikes
This is a bit special. A good simulation of real life trial biking, with similarly demanding obstacles to negotiate. Beat the time limit and then go on to further, more difficult, courses. There are seven courses (some fiendishly difficult) each split into two separate runs, so there is plenty of variety to get to grips with. The game comes from a Dutch site, so don't expect too much help from the instructions, but it's fairly straightforward to work out what's going on - the up arrow is your accelerator, while the right and left arrows make your rider lean forward or backwards. The different levels take a while to load, but it's worth it.

Tron Racer
Years ahead of its time, or overblown sci-fi nightmare that Jeff Bridges should be ashamed of. Whatever you think about the film Tron, the light cycle scenes provided the basis for one of the great Spectrum games of the 80's. This updated version plays well and captures the spirit of the original. Ride your light cycle to trap the other riders, and don't get yourself caught in a dead end. Several different levels, with multiple opponents.

RC Rally
A good race track game. Choose your car and compete in a succession of races - you keep going for as many races as you can, until you finish last in a race. With a variety of tracks, and pick ups to improve your car, there's plenty in this simple game to keep your interest for quite a while.

Golden Gate Drop

You are a construction worker on the Golden Gate Bridge, dropping water balloons on the passing traffic - either the cars and pedestrians on the road across the bridge, or the boats on the river. Judge the timing of the drop and rack up the points, but watch out for grannies, police cars, seagulls and other hostile forces. You have to achieve a minimum score on each level to progress to the next.

Parking Lot
You control a car park attendant. Cars come in for you to park, drivers return and expect their car waiting at the exit. Move quickly and keep track of which car belongs to which owner. Good fun, and harder than you might expect.

The old childhood favourite transplanted to the internet. Arrange your fleet, and try to find the (computer) opponent's before yours are all sunk. This is a good version of the game, and very playable. All together now: "You've sunk my battleship!"

City Jumper
Compelling and compulsive. You control a stick man running through a city, leaping trees, buildings and anything else that gets in his way in a single bound. Some of the obstacles require precise timing with mistakes often resulting in bloodshed. You get enough lives to try and try again, and you'll want to. This is great.

Desert Rally
A basic driving game, but quite good. Keep your car on a twisting, turning desert road while finishing the race in the quickest time possible. There are no other vehicles, so the challenge is to maintain top speed without crashing off-road and grinding to a near standstill. Simple, but well executed, with a choice of three different length tracks. Worth a look.

Tour de Applet
A Tour de France themed cycling game. Finish the course in the shortest time possible, but keep an eye on damage to the bike and your stamina levels - full speed all the way isn't necessarily the best strategy for a fast time. Water bottles and repair kits litter the course for you to pick up, along with potholes and rocks to avoid. Simple graphics, but simple controls and enjoyable game play.

Bumper Cars
Three levels of fairground action. Score points by picking up tickets on the floor of the bumper car arena, without letting the other cars push you around. Watch out on levels two and three for colour coded cars that take the tickets away if you are too slow, or which pick you out as a special target for bumping. A novel game, with just about the right number of cars - not so many that you can't move at all, and not so few that you can easily avoid collisions.

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