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Ray Hatley delves into the world of the web log, of blog as they are more commonly known
Speakers Online radio
Radio stations around the world are broadcasting online. Ray Hatley listens in
Ray Hatley looks at the best film-based websites for users of broadbands including a sneak peak at the latest Harry Potter film
space Space
Ray Hatley finds out that space really is absolutely and incredibly huge and that having a broadband connection is one of the best ways to explore it
trains Trains
Ray Hatley takes a trip both vitual and real around the railway networks
book History on the Internet
Fast broadband access means that searching massive databases only takes a few seconds whilst multimedia video and sound clips allows you to visualize the past in a way that's never been possible before
ebay eBay for beginners
Ray Hatley guides you through the process of selling on eBay
mountains Holidays
Ray Hatley recommends some holiday websites for broadband users
Olympics The Olympics
Ray Hatley looks at what broadband users can do during the Olympics and offers his top ten Olympic websites
modem The basics
Ray Hatley explains what broadband is and who can get it. He then offers his top 10 websites with content specifically for broadband users