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Date: 02 March, 2005

Rapper Judah and DJ Secret Weapon from Gren Jade


'I’ve got a feeling this is what Jesus would have wanted.'


George Luke reports from the recording of a single that’s been dubbed the ‘Christian Band Aid’

On a freezing Saturday in late February, 300-plus people piled into the Abbey Road Studios, St John’s Wood, London, to record what has been dubbed “the Christian Band Aid single”.

“One Voice, One Heart” was written by worship leaders Mark Beswick and Tim Hughes, and recorded by a ‘who’s who’ of British Christian music including Graham Kendrick, Matt Redman, Raymond & Co., Siani and members of the London Community Gospel Choir and Kingdom Choirs. Abbey Road donated a whole day’s worth of free studio time to the project, which was conceived by Les Moir and Lawrence Johnson.

“When Lawrence told me that he felt the Christian music community should get together and record a charity single, I immediately said ‘let’s do it,’” said Les. “It’s always been a dream of mine to see the wall come down between the black and white music scenes, and today has been a landmark in seeing that happen.”

“It’s great to see so many gospel artists getting together to do something positive for the world,” said Mal Pope, who drove all the way from Swansea for the recording session. “I’ve got a feeling this is what Jesus would have wanted.”

Proceeds from the single will go to support Jubilee Action’s work with a fishing colony in India which was devastated by the tsunami in December.

The single is to be released on the Survivor label and distributed by STL. It will be available to buy in Wesley Owen shops.