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Why is Copenhagen 2009
so important?

Your questions about the UN summit in Copenhagen in December 2009 answered

Take the pledge
Take the Copenhagen pledge and put yourself on Christian Aid's Countdown to Copenhagen map

Climate Change Day of Action
Read about the day of action that took place in Coventry on March 19th

Scottish Climate Change Bill
Let's make sure it's a world beater - visit Christian Aid's Scotland site to find out more

Say no to coal
Email the prime minister to say that a new coal-fired power station in Kingsnorth, or any other new coal power plants, will make a mockery of his claims to be a leader in fighting climate change

Following in the footprints?
Andrew Chapman reflects on the similarities between early Methodism and the climate change movement
Climate change
Time to change the climate
This resource looks at how Christians and the Church are challenged to stop perpetuating destructive climate change and make positive changes to the world instead
US flag and thermometer It ain't half hot Mom
You think it’s been hot in the UK? Come to California, says Helen Angove. It's hotter