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I would like to change the number that my computer dials to access the internet manually

Click here for a step by step guide, for various versions of Windows or OSX for Macs. Please note that Mac users have to change their settings manually.

I use Outlook (or another email program) but I can't send emails although I can receive them. What do I need to do?

Change the number as detailed above or use our webmail facility,

I'm getting a lot of spam. What can I do?

Users whose email addresses have been published online or used to make online purchases are likely to get spam - users who have never had their email addresses published get no spam at all.

You can download anti-spam programs, such as Zone Alarms, or Mailwasher (, which costs a few pounds but filters out most unwanted emails.

I have yet to receive an email detailing my new user name and password

You should have received this by now, with the subject line - Account Provisioning Confirmed. If you haven't then please call our Technical Help line on 0870 60 70 585.

The email I have received contains a new email address – why?

The email: Subject - Account Provisioning Confirmed contains your new login details. Please print it off the email and keep it for reference. This is an extra email address, not a replacement.

How do I access my email on the web?

You will need your new email login details and password now the new email service has been launched.

What is a dialler and why do I need it?

Do not download the file if you have a broadband connection or if you have a Mac - the program is designed for PCs.

The dialler is a small piece of software which connects you to the internet through us. It is available at here.

You can look at our guide to installing it here

Please download it by selecting the right link, either Pay As You Go or if you are a Flat Rate (Unmetered) customer choose Surefish UM Setup, and then click Save when prompted.

The dialler has a step by step guide to installing the new number on your machine. If you have a Mac, or would like to input the dial-up numbers manually, they are as follows:

Pay As You Go is 0845 604 0362 and Flat rate is 0808 9933 542

How do I set up my email client to send and receive emails (Outlook etc)

We have a step-by-step guide here.

Can I manage my emails any other way?

You can also use the webmail package SquirrelMail. More information here.

I have a surefish broadband connection but it’s not working

Call our new helpdesk number 0870 60 70 585 and they will be able to help. You may need to change some settings, but the helpdesk team will be able to tell you what to do. It normally takes a minute. Calls are charged at 1.5p per minute – 8p per minute depending on when you call.

How do I find the My Account control panel and what information does it contain?

Go to - From here you will be able to manage your email and password details.

I have a website on my surefish account. What will happen to it?

The URL will change and we will not be able to offer as many CGI scripts as before. However, we have got a back up of all websites at Christian Aid just in case, and website users will be told by email of the changes after the migration. More information here.

I’d like to make a back up of old emails and my address book

To find out how to back up your old emails and address book on our webmail system, please visit

How do I cancel my WorldPay account?

More information here.