Surefish broadband hardware guide
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Date: January 2007

The following is a guide to the piece of equipment, generically known as hardware, and specifically known as a ADSL modem or ADSL router, that you will need to order to enable a new broadband connection.

If you are changing your broadband supplier to surefish, you will already own a modem or router, and, in the majority of cases, should not need to order one.

As with all equipment ordered from us for new broadband connections, the following modems and routers are pre-configured, which means that you don't have to alter any of its settings.

You will be able to plug it into your laptop or desktop computer and, after following the instructions to install the software from the CD, be connected to the internet via broadband.

The technical specifications for each device are available by clicking here

SpeedTouch 330 USB ADSL Modem

SpeedTouch 546 4-port Ethernet ADSL2+ router

SpeedTouch 585 Wireless ADSL2+ Router

Micro-filters (2 are included with every device)
10 each

A micro-filter lets you have broadband internet and a telephone line using just one wall socket. You can use the internet and use the phone at the same time. All modems come with two microfilters, so you will only need to purchase one or more extra filters if you have more than two phone extensions in use.

You only have to plug a microfilter into phone sockets that are being used - if they have a device plugged into them such as an extra phone or a fax machine. Phone sockets not in use do not need microfilters.

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